EU-SOLARIS aims to achieve a real coordination of Research and Technology Development (R&D) capabilities and efforts in Concentrating Solar Thermal (CST) technologies by the European Research Centres, along with those from the neighboring countries, in order to foster the technological development of the Industry.


Become a unique distributed research infrastructure (RI) for CST technologies

Optimize RI development and R&D coordination by creating a new legal entity to explore and implement new and improved rules and procedures for RI for CST technologies

Ensure the alignment of the RI activities with the Industry needs

Maintain Europe at the forefront of CST technologies development

The Preparatory Phase (PP) scope is the development of all the essential mechanisms for the operation of the EU-SOLARIS entity.





Develop hosting arrangements for the new legal entity

Develop collaborative model between public and private entities

Foster collaboration between industry and research centres

Establish one access point and clear rules for users

Prepare financial mechanisms to secure sustainability

Define appropriate systems for knowledge and IPR management

Coordinate the efforts of the participating infrastructures around Europe

Establish joint future development of research facilities

Once the Preparatory Phase is finalized, EU-SOLARIS will provide research infrastructures (RI) for the scientific communities devoted to the use of solar energy through concentrating systems; mainly for electricity generation. The new distributed research infrastructure of EU-SOLARIS will have the following characteristics.




Provide the most complete, high quality scientific infrastructure portfolio at international level

Facilitate researchers’ access to highly specialized research infrastructure through a single access point

Link the scientific communities, Industry and universities involved in the CST sector

Speed up the development of research and innovation due to a closer collaboration model, knowledge exchange management and a wider dissemination of results

Increase the efficiency of the economic and human resources required throughout the European research context

Provide efficient resource management to complement research and to avoid unnecessary technological duplication and repetition